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Robots programming and simulations

During work at many diversified projects, we’ve gained a vast experience in industrial robots programming. We manufacture from the scratch dedicated software for robots working on assembly lines and robotised workstations.

Before starting work, as soon as on the stage of project preparation, we can make a layout of workstation in 3D format or in the form of virtual workstation. We also undertake simulations of robotised workstations including generating and handling details in moving 3D simulation and a complete mapping of cycles of robots. With these tools we can check the layout of the station elements, range, and also test time of a cycle and robots productivity before setting up the station.

We help the integrators and clients in selecting proper solutions and we support them on every step of the project undertaking – from checking technical assumptions, through layout simulation and robots software preparation, to support during production tests and robots reception.

We program ABB, Kuka, Fanuc, Toshiba Machine and Aubo Robotics robots.

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