We perform accurate and professional periodic inspection and maintenance of industrial robots.

Industrial robots are adapted to the hard work and conditions prevailing in the production plants. In spite of this, neglecting maintenance, delaying oil or grease changes - can lead to accelerated wear, or even damage to mechanical components of the manipulator.

Regular inspections, combined with the replacement of parts and consumables, wear and tear analysis and analysis of the work cycle allow to eliminate potential hazards in time and significantly reduce the risk of failure.

We conduct periodic inspections of ABB, Kuka, Yaskawa-Motoman and Hyundai robots. In addition to the standard activities provided by the manufacturer, we perform additional checkpoints and advanced diagnostics.

After inspection, we prepare comprehensive service report for client including photographic documentation, detailed description of performerd activites and description of technical condition.

Service performed by our company, is an excellent way to extend the life of industrial robots used in your company and reduce the risk of stoppages, or failures.