A / Basic course
Operation and basics of programming

Target group:
The course is intended for people who will work in future with ABB/Kuka welding robots. Robots operators, technologicians and process engineers will use the knowledge acquired during the course to program new details and to improve current production.

Scope and scheme:
The course involves notions on basic handling and programming ABB/Kuka robots with additional material on operation of welding processes. Increased amount of practical exercises in comparison to other courses will prepare the participants to create their own welding programs and to perform adjustments to already existing programs. Additional material includes also the introduction to currently used welding interfaces and rotatable positioners which are not present in the robots with standard configuration.

The course is conducted at the client’s premise on the client’s robot. The main advantage of this solution is getting to know the machine by participant on which they will work. The optimal size of the course group for practical part is 2-3 persons.

The course lasts 4 days